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If You Think a One-Day WorkweekTM is Impossible, Think Again!

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Our One-Day Workweek Velocity Engine Consultation is intended for qualified business owners and is best suited for B2B with $2mm+ annual sales and employing 8+ staff.

Tom Lambotte
Tom & Chris

How close are you to the business lifestyle of your dreams?

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Every business can become a self-managing business you love

I believe every business owner can work less so they can have more freedom to spend more time with the people who matter most.

Why is a self-managing business so important?
Tom's Family
My wife got sick.

Without hesitation, I took off 30 days with no official handoff to my businesses to dedicate 100% of my energy to my wife and watching my kids until she got better.

Because the systems were in place, nothing broke!

In 2022, while running two companies and launching One-Day Work

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How One-Day Workweek Started

Five years ago everything was different.
I was stuck in a company that was losing money, with no option to sell.

My company grew

60% in 1 year


Then we lost

40% of our monthly recurring revenue in 3 months due to a lack of systems


We maxed out

our credit cards and we were barely surviving


We tried to self implement EOS®

and failed miserably

We made key investments when resources were slim

Dan Sullivan
“Having a company that manages itself to greater growth and success, without the owner having to be involved in all aspects of the day-to-day management of the business, is a universal desire for all entrepreneurs.”
Dan Sullivan
Founder, Strategic Coach
“A business that runs without the owner is more valuable, more scalable, and more likely to survive in the long term.”
Gino Wickman
Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business
Gino Wickman

Five years later…

We Discovered the Solution

We synthesized dozens of tools and systems,  crafting our own, which we implemented into our companies, allowing for the One-Day Workweek

John Ratliff

Stories that inspired us on the way to OneDay Workweek

Begin with the end in mind.

Create a scenario where you can demand future value.

John Ratliff, Founder and CEO of Align5, has some of the best customers you can find – fortune 100 customers. But this was only after a near-burnout following 3 years of working 24/7/365. John needed to rethink his entire business model to achieve the outstanding track record they have today.

They invested a lot upfront to build a great infrastructure and team. Result: they’re a middle market growth company that looks like a $500 million dollar organization in terms of systems, process, predictability, and infrastructure.

Their company has a 70x valuation because they invested early in people, systems, structures, and have the right people in place.

It’s what we have done with our two companies. Nothing in the company’s numerous operational facets depends on the firms’ founder.

We instilled a great leadership team and culture from the outset to shift our focus to having a bigger multiple. We generate income, but the wealth event will be triggered when we sell the company.

Invest income now – it’s a small sacrifice that fosters a future multiple.


The One-Day Workweek

Velocity Engine

What we achieve together

What We Achieve Together

Why are we successful? We failed in our first EOS implementation and went to great lengths to understand why. As a result, we decoded what we did right the second time round to create the One-Day Workweek Velocity Engine which is a 6-step system that once implemented creates a self-managing business you love.

How do we get great results fast? Our COO/Integrator works with you to implement the six steps of our Velocity Engine. No more failure in implementation. We are there to ensure that the appropriate systems are in place and create an accountability framework to achieve the best results.

What are our differentiators? Alongside the Tools, Processes and Systems we provide, we are there to ensure that every step you take builds velocity throughout your business and moves you closer to your One-Day Workweek.

Your One-Day Workweek Program

An Overview of the Velocity Engine’s Six Steps
Velocity Engine

Vision Design

Creating a self-running business requires a system that consistently generates predictable results with clarity that’s integrated with your goals, values and company culture

Velocity Engine

Diagnose & Track

Diagnose your company’s biggest problems and track its successes. Stop putting out fires and identify what’s working and what’s not

Velocity Engine

Right Team

Hiring for both skill and values. If your company values and goals are clear, it is easier to attract the right fits

Velocity Engine

Process Hub

Figure out the best applications, services and automations that can do the work for you and establish built-in feedback loops so that your processes are continually improving

Velocity Engine

Tech ROI Multiplier

Accomplish more without hiring more people and free up time for everyone. Small increments of time each day, for each employee, add up over a year.

Velocity Engine

Velocity Engine

With well-documented goals and values, processes, efficient team members and the power of technology, your business will run like a well-oiled machine

We have spent years learning and synthesizing best-in-class workflows to discover what works and what does not

When working with us, you are saving yourself years of trial and error to focus on what matters most: freeing yourself from your business to grow and reclaim your time.
One-Day Workweek Team

Make your One-Day Workweek possible!

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